A Custom (Walk-in) Coolroom is the ultimate convenience in any Kitchen or Scullery area. It is perfect for everyday use as well as entertaining and buying in bulk, saving you money.Convenience also means your shopping goes straight into the coolroom as soon as you off load it from the car.

You can store anything and everything you can in a normal fridge or dry pantry – cereals, cans, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and even dry foods such as flour and sugar. No more bugs!Also perfect for salad platters, trays of fruit, bulk drinks and white wine.

Your Custom (Walk-in) Coolroom is custom built on site using efficient Norwegian technology by Norcool and Thermocold. The cooling units gives you low energy consumption, low running costs, low temperatures and high humidity to keep your food last longer and keep much fresher than in a conventional fridge.

Even more exclusive are the materials we use. The inside of the coolroom (walls, floor and ceiling) are specially lined with a timber called spruce, especially imported by us from Scandinavia. The end result is that our coolrooms hardly require any cleaning or maintenance and condensation never builds up

The beauty of natural Norway Spruce.

Unlike other coolrooms, we don’t use the common insulation panels inside the custom coolroom. Our coolrooms are unique as we use Norway Spruce specially imported from Scandinavia. Spruce has no odour that can get into and damage food. Our coolrooms work on high humidity so spruce in its natural state absorbs the moisture and releases it back into the coolroom, a so called breathing effect.This effect also ensures there is very little cleaning required as there is no condensation build up inside. Any spills can be cleaned up using soap and water. The use of spruce along with quality insulation and our construction methods, means our coolrooms are very efficient to run and require very little maintenance.

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