Fridge Drawers


The Fridge Drawer (also known as the Norcool Drawer Fridge or even a cool drawer) is an exciting kitchen idea that fits under the worktop and frees up valuable worktop space. It is also perfect as a second fridge for drinks in the Kitchen or for Alfrescos, Kitchenettes, Apartments, or where wheelchair access is required.

As simple as it is clever – a fridge in a drawer. The Fridge Drawer opens up a whole range of new ways of planning your kitchen. There are three drawers – two large drawers and a smaller inner drawer with easy glide self-closing mechanisms seamlessly complete the unit

You can store all your entertaining and everyday food and drink items such as canned drinks, stubbies, beer bottles, soft drink bottles, sauce bottles, small milk or juice cartons, canned foods and soups, eggs, cheeses, butter, yogurts, fruits, etc.

Available as an integrated unit or in stainless steel, the Fridge Drawer uses modern fridge technology for low energy consumption, low temperatures, low noise levels but high efficiency in low running costs. Installation is straightforward as no drainage or plumbing is required and only uses a standard single-phase power.

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