Norcool CoolCorner


The CoolCorner (also known as the Norcool Corner Fridge) is a great start to your cooling experience. They make perfect use of the corner space in the kitchen (or even the Alfresco) and takes up only 1sq m of space. With its huge capacity of nearly 1200 litres, the CoolCorner is three to four times larger than a normal fridge and is one of the biggest domestic fridges at an incredible price.

The CoolCorner is unique with its revolutionary design and has incredible low figures in running costs and low noise levels. It is perfect for everyday use as well as entertaining. You can store anything and everything you can in a normal fridge or dry pantry – cereals, cans, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and even dry foods such as flour and sugar. No more bugs!. Also perfect for drinks, salad platters, and bowls. Plus food will always last longer and keep fresher than in a conventional fridge.

Flexible design means the CoolCorner can be free-standing or integrated to match your cabinet work for an extra-sleek finish. With its quiet operation and massive storage capacity, this really is impressive for large families and entertaining.

The CoolCorneris modular for easy installation. It requires no plumbing and runs off a standard single-phase powerpoint.

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