The largest and most powerful cooling corner in the market with the lowest power consumption. Energy class A +

The dream of good and clear space in the refrigerator can become a reality. Thermocold’s Norwegian-produced cooling corner is of high quality. hygenic, ease of use, low energy consumption, quality, and modern design.

The cooling corner has an energy class A +. This is revolutionary considering that you can fit inside 5 similar refrigerators inside.

Walls, floors, and ceilings are made of steel and have a bactericidal Food-safe surface. The surface is reminiscent of Teflon. Food-safe can withstand high wear over a long time and very easy to keep clean. The shelves in the refrigeration corner are stable and safe, they can withstand the use of steel boilers without being scratched and matte over time.

If you want a large refrigerator and have the opportunity to place it in a corner, this is the solution for you.

The cabinet is a delicate white interior with glossy shelves that stand well against the white walls. Here we have fully utilized the entire interior space, pulled the shelves far ahead, and created an unbeatable storage space. The wire shelves provide faster cooling time and longer shelf life of your foods. At the same time, you get a good overview and control of what you have in the closet. A bacteriostatic Food-safe surface is found inside the refrigerator. This ensures a durable and hygienic surface.

The refrigerator is built so you can easily place long pans, kettles, and cartridges right into the cupboard.

Super performance with smart technology: The unit itself has a unique inverter controlled compressor that automatically adjusts performance as needed, meaning it can gear up and deliver extra cooling capacity when needed, or just maintain low-temperature temperatures. This ensures faster cooling and longer shelf life of the food.

The LED lamp with a motion sensor gives a strong and good light that spreads throughout the cabinet.

As extra equipment, you can get a cold ash door that prevents the cold air from flowing out of the cupboard, mineral water shelf for soft drinks or wine, and shelves that make it easier to place smaller products on the shelf.

Why Choose Thermocold: